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A major outcome of the ADVANCE Purdue sponsored 2012 Women of Color Faculty in STEM Conference was linking WOC STEM faculty at Purdue and at HBCUs through an online discussion site where the women could connect both during and after the conference. To host the online discussion platform, the ADVANCE Purdue team selected, an online community created by Purdue's Discovery Learning Research Center for university researchers, administrators, and K-12 teachers in STEM disciplines.

To enhance the experience of participants in the 2013 Women of Color Faculty in STEM Conference, usage of the WOC STEM HUB will be fully integrated in the professional development activities.

Utilizing the Women of Color STEM HUB “COLLECTIONS” feature (modeled loosely after Pinterest), participants will complete online worksheet pages tailored to each plenary session. Information gathered from these worksheets will serve as a foundation for a longitudinal research assessment to identify the challenges and needs of Women of Color faculty in STEM. Workshop facilitators will have an opportunity to engage with participants in a virtual environment by providing additional feedback and suggested resources. Participants will be able to “Like” and “Follow” COLLECTIONS of their choosing and will receive notification of updates and contributions to the COLLECTION.

During and after the conference, participants will be able to blog about their experiences, share resources, and start discussion groups. Using profile tags, participants will also be able to identify and connect with potential research collaborators.


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The ADVANCE 2013 Gender and STEM Research Symposium was held on November 13-14th.  Proceedings from this symposium are available through Purdue e-Pubs.

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