Bindley Bioscience Center

Screening assays with library of chemical compounds - Services

  1. Cell-based assays (robotically)
    • distribute cell culture into 96 well plate, let cells grow in CO2 incubator;
    • add chemical compounds  and incubate for few hours;
    • wash with medium, let cells grow in CO2 incubator for 2 more days;
  2. Efficiency of the tested chemicals was estimated by detection of fluorescence of targeted cells
    • fluorescence in plate (plate reader) 
    • flow cytometry in the tubes (robotically collect cells into tubes after treatment with trypsin)
    • cells viability (colorimetric MTT assay)
  3. Noncell-based assays
    • Oligomerization of protein in presence of tested chemicals
    • Detection of oligomerization by running SDS gel


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Larisa Avramova
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