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Jeffrey Dukes

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Department: Forestry and Natural Resources


Jeff conducts research across a wide range of ecological disciplines, including invasion biology, plant physiological ecology, community, ecosystem, and global ecology, and biogeochemistry. The majority of his work has been related to environmental changes. He currently leads a broad research program that centers on the drivers and effects of species composition change. His overarching professional goal is to study and promote understanding of how the human enterprise affects terrestrial ecosystems.

Selected Publications:

Dukes, J.S., J. Pontius, D.A. Orwig, J.R. Garnas, V.L. Rodgers, N.J. Brazee, B.J. Cooke, K.A. Theoharides, E.E. Stange, R.A. Harrington, J.G. Ehrenfeld, J. Gurevitch, M. Lerdau, K. Stinson, R. Wick, and M.P. Ayres, Responses of insect pests, pathogens and invasive species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict? (in press), Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Hellmann, J.J., J.E. Byers, B.G. Bierwagen, and J.S. Dukes, Five potential consequences of climate change for invasive species (2008), Conservation Biology 22: 534-543.

Amatangelo, K.L., J.S. Dukes, and C.B. Field, Annual grassland responses to litter manipulation (2008), Journal of Vegetation Science 19: 605-612.

Dukes, J.S. and M.R. Shaw, Grassland responses to the changing atmosphere and climate (2007), in: Ecology and Management of California Grasslands, 218-229 Stromberg, M., Corbin, J., and D’Antonio, C., eds. University of California Press, Berkeley

Dukes, J.S., Tomorrow’s plant communities: Different, but how? (2007), New Phytologist 176: 235-237.

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