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Ben Gramig

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KRAN 564


Ben Gramig's research activities are focused primarily on environmental and natural resource economics. He has a strong interest in the interface between agriculture and the environment; his work is motivated by public policy and the role of human activity in environmental change. He is also focused on applied micro-economic theory and inter-disciplinary research that integrates economics with natural or physical sciences to analyze applied problems. His research interests center on decision making under uncertainty, information economics, climate change, markets for environmental goods and services, invasive species management, and spatial dimensions of environmental and natural resource management.

Selected Publications:

Reeling, C.J. and B.M. Gramig. "A Novel Framework for Analysis of Cross-Media Environmental Effects from Agricultural Conservation Practices." Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, In press.

Gramig, B.M. and R.D. Horan, "Jointly-Determined Livestock Disease Dynamics and Decentralised Economic Behaviour." Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 55(3): 393-410, 2011.

Birch, M.B.L., B.M. Gramig, W.R. Moomaw, O.C. Doering, C.J. Reeling. "Why Metrics Matter: Evaluating Policy Choices for Reactive Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed". Environmental Science and Technology, 45(1): 168-174, 2011.

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