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Ernest Agee

Contact Information

CIVL 4267


Ernie’s research has focused on the fluid dynamics of thermal convection, atmospheric manifestations of Bernard-Rayleigh convection and climatic change. Phenomena investigated have ranged from mesoscale shallow convection over the oceans and Great Lakes, to the study of deep convective systems such as thunderstorms and tornadoes, to temperature trends and the impact of climatic change. The approach to the study of these phenomena has included both theoretical modeling and field observations/experimental measurements. Current research projects focus on the study of wintertime polar air mass modification over Lake Michigan and associated convective development and coherent structures, as well as physical and dynamical properties of convective boundary layers.

Selected Publications

Gluhovsky, A., and E. Agee, 2007: On the analysis of atmospheric and climatic time series. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 46, 1125-1129.

Zurn-Birkhimer, S., E. M. Agee, and Z. Sorbjan, 2005: Convective structures in cold air outbreak over Lake Michigan during Lake-ICE. Journal of Atmospheric Science., 62, 2414-2432.

Gluhovsky, A., C. Tong, and E. M. Agee, 2002: On selection of modes in convective low-order models. Journal of Atmospheric Science, 59, 1383-1393.

Gluhovsky, A., and E. M. Agee, 2002: Improving the statistical reliability of data analysis from atmospheric measurements and modeling. Monthly Weather Review 130, 761-765.

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