Purdue Climate Change Research Center

Kirk Atler


Following many years with mechanical and electrical construction industries, Kirk felt compelled to pursue his passion for teaching. His curricula specializations center on environmental systems in buildings, sustainable construction, and international development and construction. Upon graduating, his students are equipped to enter the work force of electrical and mechanical contractors, developers, and institutional and governmental agencies where they can explore green building, i.e., sustainable building and accommodating the effects of climate change.

Selected Publications

Alter, K. D. (1999). Killer app or a killing thing? Incorporation of IT strategies by the small contractor. International Conference on Construction Information Technology Proceedings (publication pending).

Alter, K. D. & Sims, B. (Summer/Fall 1997). Professionalizing the construction industry: The role of licensing, continuing education, and certification. The Project Manager, vol.5, Issue 1 and 2.

Alter, K.D. & Koontz, J. R. (1997). Curriculum development and continuing education in project management for the specialty subcontracting industry. Journal of Construction Education, Vol. 1, No. 1, 49-63.

Alter, K. D., & Koontz, J. R. (1997). Improving an existing course in mechanical construction. Journal of Construction Education, Vol. 1, No. 1, 64-69.

Alter, K. D. (1998). Electrical construction management specialization program: A formative evaluation. Journal of Construction Education, Vol. 2, No. 2, 90-102.

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