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Michael Baldwin

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CIVL 4267A


Mike seeks to examine the connections between weather and climate and determine if global climate change can be observed in the changing characteristics of weather systems. He is also interested in developing more meaningful ways of measuring the quality of weather forecasts. His overall research focus is to improve the understanding and prediction of the behavior of extreme weather and climate events.

Selected Publications

Trapp, R. J., N. S. Diffenbaugh, H. E. Brooks, M. E. Baldwin, E. D. Robinson, and J. S. Pal, 2007: Changes in severe thunderstorm environment frequency during the 21st century caused by anthropogenically enhanced global radiative forcing. Proceedings National Academy Sciences USA, 104, 19,719-19,723.

Elmore, K. L., D. M. Schultz, and M. E. Baldwin, 2006: The behavior of synoptic-scale errors in the Eta Model. Monthly Weather Review, 134, 3355–3366.

Baldwin, M. E. and J. S. Kain, 2006: Sensitivity of several performance measures to displacement error, bias, and event frequency. Weather Forecasting, 21, 636-648.

Kain, J. S., S. J. Weiss, J. J. Levit, M. E. Baldwin, and D. R. Bright, 2006: Examination of convection-allowing configurations of the WRF Model for the prediction of severe convective weather: The SPC/NSSL Spring Program 2004. Weather Forecasting, 21, 167-181.

Baldwin, M. E., J. S. Kain, and S. Lakshmivarahan, 2005: Development of an automated classification procedure for rainfall systems. Monthly Weather Review, 133, 844-862.baldwin (at) purdue.edu


2003 Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Dissertation: Automated Classification of Rainfall Systems Using Statistical Characterization

1991 M.S., Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Thesis: Incorporation of Precipitation Data into a Numerical Weather Prediction Data Assimilation System.

1988 B.S.E., Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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