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Elizabeth McNie

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BRNG 2216J


Elizabeth’s primary area of research is climate services and how to improve the utility of climate science information for decision makers. She is also interested more broadly in linking knowledge with action; environmental and science policy; and adaptation to climate change. She explores such issues in the context of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s "Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments" program that is dedicated to providing policy-relevant climate science to a range of public and private natural resources, public health, agricultural, and other decision makers. Elizabeth is also interested in sustainability science; marine transportation in the Arctic; science and technology studies; green building; and interdisciplinary research and teaching.

Selected Publications:

McNie, E. C., Reconciling the supply of scientific information with user demands: an analysis of the problem and review of the literature". Environmental Science & Policy (2007), 10:17-38.

McNie, E. C., Archeological ethics, in Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics. Carl Mitcham, editor-in-chief, (2005), 1: 94-97. Minneapolis: Macmillan Reference USA.


Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. Sonoma State University: Rohnert Park, California
B.S. California Maritime Academy: Vallejo, California

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