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NSF Grant Award for Cyber Center

October 2, 2012

The Cyber Center has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant titled "KreibleNet-building a research community and proposing a research agenda for the study of modeling of reputation and authority across informal knowledge markets."

The project is lead by Professor Sorin Matei from the Purdue Brian Lamb School of Communication, and involves Professor Elisa Bertino, director of Cyber Center, Professor Luo Si from the Department of Computer Science, Professor Michael Zhu and Professor Chuanhai Liu from the Department of Statistics.

The KredibleNet project will create a community of scholars and practitioners interested in defining and measuring reputation as a new and essential lens for understanding and evaluating knowledge that is generated and consumed online.  The team will aim to develop a new generation of data management and analysis tools and techniques to support reputation research on very large data sets.  This community will grow through a series of workshops and a collaboratively designed cyberinferastructure  prototype that will provide reputation related tools and visualization techniques to the public.  KredibleNet will serve as an experimental laboratory for the research community, and will offer live social media data to researchers who wish to experiment with data-intensive analytic strategies to better define the nature and extension of reputation measurements.   

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