Cyber Center

Mohamed Eltoweissy visits Purdue

October 3, 2011

Recently, the Department of Defense has designated Cyberspace as the fifth, and only human-made, dimension of operations. Besides, Cyberspace is becoming the nervous system of our modern society as it is increasingly being integrated in virtually all aspects of control and communication. Today’s Cyberspace comprises highly dynamic, interdependent global network of information technology infrastructures, telecommunications networks, computing systems, integrated sensors, control systems, embedded processors and controllers. Moreover, cyber resources are being tightly coupled and coordinated with their physical counterparts giving rise to pervasive social-cyber-physical environments. These emerging environments promise innovations, new services and significant enhancements in the safety, efficiency and reliability of numerous systems and infrastructures ranging from worldwide social interactions and gaming to smart infrastructure  smart infrastructure systems in energy, healthcare, transportation and emergency response to national security and defense.

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