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CRI/HPC Luncheon, Dec. 6, 2010 at Lawson 3102

November 29, 2010

Advanced science and engineering is based, to a growing degree, on the "third pillar of science". That is, computational simulation complements research and development that is driven by theoretical studies and real experiments. Through computer simulation, theories can be explored and experiments can be conducted that were unthinkable just a few years ago. HPC research develops the technology that realizes such simulations -climate change predictions, molecular simulations for drug design, exploration of new theories of physics particles in search of the building blocks of matter, to name just a few.Please join us for lunch and to discuss and learn about HPC applications, research, resources, and funding opportunities.


 Rudi Eigenmann–NEES: The challenges and opportunities with large proposals.

Open Discussion

Updates from the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Cyber Center, Computing Research Institute, and our collaborations and vision for ACCESS (Purdue’s Advanced Computational Center for Engineering and Sciences).

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