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Purdue China Life Science Delegation for U.S.-China Business Development

May 24 - June 2 @ - China

A Purdue China Life Science Delegation organized by the Purdue Global Business Engagement office will be in China on a 10-day mission (5/24 – 6/2/2013), focusing on connecting Purdue researchers, entrepreneurs and Indiana executives in the life science/medical and healthcare clusters to Chinese potential partners, including investors, researchers, licensees, distributors, customers and other business collaborators from five major cities.

The delegation will participate in B2B events including presentations in front of Chinese life science executives, one-on-one meetings with Chinese executives, science and technology officers, and international exchange organizations of the municipal or provincial governments. They will also participate in China’s largest exhibition/conference on the service industry, including medical/life science and health related services and engage in a separate international technology transfer event at the conference.

Background information:

China is now the third largest pharma/ medical device market in the world and is growing at 20% per year. At this rate China will be #2 by 2015 and the largest market five years later. The current Chinese 5-Year Plan targets biotechnology as one of seven strategic industries that the government intends to support as a global leader. Improving the healthcare system and upgrading the scope and quality of medical care is a high priority for a country with an ageing population and determined to reduce income gaps and transition to a more consumer-led economy.   

Chinese firms are keenly interested in purchasing, distributing or commercializing innovative products or services, especially from the United States. Purdue enjoys a powerful brand in China, meaning that a Purdue sponsored mission can attract interest from major Chinese life science companies.

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