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Submission Deadline: AGU Fall Annual Meeting. Global Change and the Biogeochemistry of Dryland...

August 8 -


AGU session B027:

Global Change and the Biogeochemistry of Dryland Ecosystems

Dryland ecosystems comprise > 40% of the terrestrial surface and are home to more than one third of the global population. These ecosystems are under great pressure to support exponentially increasing human populations in the face of changing climate. Ecosystem perturbations resulting from land uses (e.g., grazing, altered fire regimes) and global changes (e.g., elevated CO2, temperature, rainfall amount and seasonal distribution) can impact both above- and belowground processes resulting in changes to soil organic matter stocks, biogeochemical processes, soil fertility, erosion and desertification, changing microbial and plant community structure and biodiversity, and shifting ecosystem boundaries due to phenomena such as woody plant encroachment. This session will bring together scientists to discuss the biogeochemical response of dryland systems to punctuated and progressive ecosystem stress.
Abstract submission is now open and will close August 8 23:59 EDT.
Please check the meeting website for updates and complete submission: policies: http://fallmeeting.agu.org
For Further information please contact:
Prof. Timothy Filley
Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences
Purdue University
Email: filley@purdue.edu
Prof. Tom Boutton
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
Texas A&M University
Email: boutton@TAMU.edu
Prof. Edith Bai
Institute of Applied Ecology
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: bai@iae.ac.cn

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Contact Details

  • Prof. Timothy Filley, Department of Earth, Atmospher, and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University
  • filley@purdue.edu

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