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Energy-A Current & Crucial Tipping Point for Future Economics, Societal Structures, and Security

July 26, 2012

The entire world is now at a tipping point based upon the way it produces and uses energy. This will greatly influence and determine the future of nations as well as the social, economic, and security aspects of the daily lives of their populations. Energy in varying degrees of sophistication is essential for all societies. Simply put, the demand for energy is continually growing and this situation is rapidly getting worse as world population increases and an ever increasing fraction of it seeks new energy intensive technologies as a corner stone for improving quality of life. This situation is further complicated by the influence that population growth and the permeation of greater levels of new technology in previously less developed regions has on the environment. As energy needs increase there is a tendency to increase stress on the environment which can then often result in a decrease in factors such as the ability to grow food crops due to climate change and consequently a direct impact on quality of life.

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