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Ahmed Hassanein

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Nuclear Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Professor Hassanein earned his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of Wisconsin and brings to the Energy Center “more than twenty-five years experience in research and development in nuclear engineering and material science fields.” He has five college degrees in nuclear engineering and physics. Professor Hassanein was a Senior Engineer and Manager of Computational Physics and Hydrodynamics group at Argonne National Laboratory. Professor Hassanein’s past experience ranges from working with the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute to consulting with both the International Atomic Energy Agency and with the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. In addition, he served as an adjunct faculty at North Carolina State University and Benedictine University. Professor Hassanein is recognized as one of the world unique experts in simulating and studying the effect of radiation interaction with materials. Professor Hassanein’s research interests include but are not limited to “plasma material interactions, magnetic and inertial fusion research, computational physics and hydrodynamics, laser and discharge produced plasma, radiation and particle transport in materials, heat conduction and thermal hydraulics, and biomedical engineering applications.” Professor Hassanein has more than 300 publications and technical reports in more than 17 different Journals.  

Expertise: Plasma material interactions, Magnetic and inertial fusion research, Radiation damage in materials, Computational physics and hydrodynamics, Materials under extreme conditions, Advanced numerical methods




B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1974 
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1976 
M.S., Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1979 
M.S., Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1981 
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1982


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