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Rusi Taleyarkhan

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School of Nuclear Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Professor Taleyarkhan is the discoverer of table-top acoustic inertial confinement nuclear fusion (selected by Energy Times in 2005 as World’s Top Ten Must Do R&D Projects) and has made pioneering contributions in metastable fluid technologies for national security and defense, Star-trek type variable velocity weapons systems, and safety of nuclear and metal casting industries. He is also a specialist in nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety technology. Prior to joining the Purdue Faculty in 2003, he held several technical and managerial positions with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, including that of Distinguished Scientist/Engineer overseeing research covering bubble nuclear fusion, nanoscale explosive burst generation from tensioned metastable fluids, naval warfare systems development, variable velocity propulsion systems, safety of worldwide metals casting operations from steam explosions, along with safety of nuclear reactors and accelerator based generators of neutrons. Dr. Taleyarkhan has over 150 publications. He holds over 20 patent and invention awards and has served as Editor of Nuclear Safety Journal. Dr. Taleyarkhan has presented more than 60 invited lectures and seminars worldwide. His research interests include: Single/Multiple Bubble Sonoluminescence and Sonofusion Phenomena; High-energy density compact energy sources; Degraded Nuclear Core Analysis & Experiments; National Security Related Novel Detection Systems of Special Nuclear Materials; Nuclear particle-based non-destructive diagnoses; Nuclear WMD/ Radiological Dirty Bomb assessments; Defense Related Futuristic Explosives and Variable Thrust Systems; Two-Phase Flow Instability Analysis, and Safety of World-Wide Metals Casting Operations from Vapor Explosions.  

Expertise: Nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics and safety technology
Table-top acoustic inertial confinement nuclear fusion
Metastable fluid technologies




Ph.D. (Nuclear Engineering and Science), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1982 
M.B.A. (Business Administration), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1980 
M.S. (Nuclear Engineering), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1978 


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