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Yong P. Chen

Contact Information

PHY 74 and BRK 2262
West Lafayette, IN 47907


I am interested in energy application of nanotechnology. Two examples are hydrogen adsorption by nanomaterials, and thermal electric conversion by artificially engineered nanostructures. Currently my lab is investigating the application of graphene (2 dimensional carbon) in these areas.  

Expertise: Nanophysics, condensed matter physics, atomic molecular and optical physics. Generally my lab exploits quantum physics to manipulate electrons, atoms, spins and photons in various materials and artificial systems, with the aim to uncover novel quantum phenomena and new states of matter, and to explore applications in quantum devices (such as quantum information and quantum computation devices) and nanotechnology (such as nanoelectronics and nanosensors).



Degrees: PhD in Electrical Engineering (Solid State Physics), 2005 (Princeton)


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