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Rebecca Doerge

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522 Mathematical Sciences Building
Departments of Agronomy and Statistics
College of Agriculture
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Although my formal training is in Mathematics and Statistics, my research lies on the interdisciplinary boundaries of many fields (Animal Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Horticulture, Genetics, Genomics, Plant Breeding, etc.) that are currently involved in assessing genomic based questions. Statistical Genomics brings together all of these scientific disciplines into one arena to ask, answer, and disseminate biologically interesting questions and information in the quest to understand the ultimate function of DNA for each and every genome. Currently, my research program encompasses four broad areas: development of methodology for genetic mapping and quantitative trait loci (QTL) location; applying up to date genetic mapping and QTL methodology to real experimental data; assessing genetic variation and diversity of populations and germplasm collections; and understanding and analyzing data from microarray based technologies for the purpose of statistically designing and then testing genomic/biologically based questions.  

Expertise: Bioinformatics and biologically related disciplines (genomics, nutrition, proteomics, statistical genetics), Genomics, Modeling and model selection, Proteomics, Resampling, Statistical genetics




B.S., Mathematics, University of Utah , 1986

M.Stat., Mathematics, University of Utah, 1988 
Ph.D., Statistics, North Carolina State University, 1993 
Postdoctoral Fellow in Department of Biometrics and Plant Breeding, Cornell


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