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Energy Expert Offers Ideas for Conserving Electric PowerEnergy Expert Offers Ideas for Conserving El

August 4, 2008

Homeowners and businesses often waste power because they aren't aware of all the steps that can be taken to reduce their electricity consumption to lower bills and help ease strain on the nation's power grid, says a Purdue University expert. 

  "We need to help consumers more than we do," says Athula Kulatunga, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering technology and a certified energy manager. "Studies have shown that people want to be more conscientious of their energy usage but don't know how they can make a difference."

Kulatunga says simple actions such as installing a digital thermostat, insulating water heaters and adding insulation to a home's attic and walls can result in significant savings. There also are new technologies being used and researched by utility companies that can go even further.

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