Energy Center

Current Projects

H2CAR™ process uses biomass or coal as the feedstock which creates liquid fuel.  With H2CAR ~ no additional CO2 is released into the atmosphere during the chemical processing system ~ an advantage that prevents the need to sequester CO2 when using coal. 

Capturing pyrolosis gas from coking ovens to generate other products such as liquid transporation fuels (Kramer)

Oxy-fuel combustion (Steve Son)


The Energy Center hosts Indiana’s Center for Coal Technology Research (CCTR), which is funded through the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development (OEDD).  CCTR functions to address the vital issue of determining suitable coal technologies which will meet the economic and environmental priorities of Indiana.  Currently,CCTR is funding projects to investigate the benefits from Clean Coal Technologies (CCT) and IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) plants which will burn Indiana coal and provide near-zero emissions power plants.

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