Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program Alum's Entrepreneurial Eye on Real Estate

February 28, 2014

Certificate alum Matt Weirich, Industrial Management & Industrial Engineering major and 2011 alum, flipped his first house during high school. It beat working at the golf course, he says. As a college student, he started Pinnacle Home Investments to stay tied to his real estate investment passion. Today, as co-founder and CEO of ReaLync, he still moves in the world of real estate; only this time it's a career.

Weirich came to Purdue knowing he didn't want to spend more than three years in corporate America. He combined a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with his major to build a basic tool kit he could use down the road.

[Matt Weirich]

"Pursuing the Certificate Program allowed me to pursue a wide variety of fields from safety engineering and operations management to accounting, business law, and HR management all while building out business plans and being forced to think how what I was studying outside the program could apply to the startup experience," he says.

After graduation, Weirich worked full time as a consultant for Accenture. True to his career timeline, he left that job at the end of 2013 to focus on ReaLync, a web/mobile platform enabling live virtual tours of real estate. He and his partner hope to launch the product in May.

"I went into my Industrial Management because I knew having the technical knowledge and thought processes of an engineer mixed with the business knowledge from a management degree was the exact mix that would help propel me in the direction I wanted within the business world," Weirich says. "The Certificate Program not only kept me continuously thinking about entrepreneurship and preparing me to best enter that world full time, but had a lot of direct correlations into my other areas of studies and the corporate world I was immediately pursuing."

Weirich and his company will attend Purdue's Inaugural Emerging Employers Career Fair -- Connecting Students with High-Growth Opportunities, a new event geared specifically toward start-up or second stage companies with 100 or fewer employees.

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