Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

Purdue Realization and Entrepreneurship Postdoctoral and Doctoral Program 2010-11

Hamsa Jaganathan
Goal of project: The goal of the PREPP project is to license out the DNA-templated nanoparticle chain technology to interested MRI agent companies. DNA-templated nanoparticle chains serve as an agent to aid in visualizing clearer MRI images. The linear arrangement of magnetic and gold nanoparticles on DNA has exhibited enhanced magnetic relaxation properties that would potentially improve magnetic resonance imaging, and thereby, improve in disease detection.

Current focus of work: My current focus of work is to examine the utility of the DNA-templated nanoparticle chains under tissue environments in MRI. In addition, we are focusing on planning out in vivo experiments in collaboration with IUPUI.

Jianming Li:
Project description: My work focuses on the development of novel treatments for acute and chronic wounds. Our platform technology uses a patent- pending mechanism for killing bacteria. My goal is to test in vitro properties as well as profile the safety and efficacy of these wound dressings in live animals. Ultimately, my mission is to incorporate this technology into products that are applicable to the clinic. We have formed a startup company and are negotiating with Purdue for a potential licensing agreement.

Current focus: Basic research regarding the bactericidal activity and in vivo work with animal models. I'm also performing market research, applying for continued funding and compiling a business plan. Our team (another Ph.D and MBA student) recently competed in the Idea to Product Global competition and received 3rd place. We will be entering in other business plan competitions in the near future.

Shaili Sharma:
Goal of project: The goal of the research project is to develop a unique fabrication technology that has the ability to align collagen fibers in specific directions. The technology utilizes magnetic fields to engineer scaffolds that can be used for regeneration of tissues that have very precise architecture and spatial arrangements. As a PREPP project the technology is directed to reengineer the stratified architecture seen in articular cartilage in an effort to treat tissue damage seen during osteoarthritis.

Current focus of work: In vitro mechanical testing of the three dimensional scaffold to determine mechanical capabilities and compare with scaffolds prepared without aligned collagen fibers. On successful completion of these tests, the scaffold will be used in a pilot animal study. Also, involved in writing a business plan for the Burton Morgan Competition, spelling out the commercialization opportunities for this technology.

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