Discovery Learning Research Center

Discovery Learning Research Center

The Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC) is one of 10 interdisciplinary research centers in Purdue University's Discovery Park. The mission of the DLRC is to advance research that revolutionizes learning in the STEM* disciplines. Through externally funded research projects, innovative programs, and collaborative partnerships, the DLRC is committed to redesigning educational practices and creating innovative learning environments that have immediate impacts and nurture lifelong learning for students and citizens of a global community.

The DLRC is a unique center that bridges the innovative research work at Purdue with the fundamental educational mission of the University guided by three goals:

  1. Catalyze large-scale, interdisciplinary research programs in teaching and learning, especially in STEM and STEM-related fields.

  2. Promote articulation between the scholarship of teaching and learning and actual classroom practice at all levels.

  3. Provide leadership in influencing STEM public literacy and educational policy.

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* science, technology, engineering and mathematics

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Discovery Learning Research Center
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