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Research Goes to School Virual Field Trip

December 20, 2012

The Discovery Learning Research Center has developed the means of carrying your research into K-12 classrooms via live webstreaming.  Through the magic of technology, you can interact in real-time with students, sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with aspiring researchers.  From your campus work areas, you can connect with students all over the world, increasing interest and creating realistic perceptions of researchers in the minds of students.  Participants can ask questions during the webstream and you will be able to directly answer during the broadcast. 

These Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) can be recorded and housed on and the DLRC webpage for future access by students. By providing ongoing connection to students, you are increasing the impact of your work on society – an important aspect in funded research.

In our work to transform STEM education, we repeatedly hear the desire from K-12 teachers to connect researchers with their students.  Field trips and visiting scientist programs are costly and involved.  With current budget constraints in public education, educators are looking for alternative ways to provide authentic, exciting experiences for their students.  DLRC’s Virtual Field Trips provide a very viable alternative.

You can view a sample of the Virtual Field Trip at this site.  Dr. Nate Mosier, Ag and Biological Engineering, shares information about scientific instrumentation and his work on the C3Bio project with middle and high school age students.

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