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DLRC Faculty Fellows Program - Deadline Fast Approaching

April 5, 2010


Discovery Learning Research Center


Faculty Fellows Program – 2010


Call for Proposals


The Discovery Learning Research Center invites applications for its 2010 Faculty Research Fellowship

program. The FRF will support up to two Purdue tenure-track faculty members to plan for and carry out

research on a topic that will further the mission and goals of the DLRC.


The FRF program will support each faculty member by providing:

·         Up to 2-months of summer salary or the equivalent for a 1-semester course release during the AY.

·         Up to 1 semester of support for one graduate student

·         A $5000 discretionary account for travel or supplies.

·         Desk space at the DLRC and access to its educational research facilities.


The Faculty Fellow(s) agree to:

·         Develop a research project that specifically promotes the mission and strategic themes of the

DLRC. The research project should be carried out as a collaboration with the DLRC. Development

can involve pilot testing an idea or carrying out preparatory research to develop a plan.

·         Apply for external funding, either through federal agencies, private sources or a combination of

both.  Application for funding should take place during the period of the fellowship. For funding

opportunities with deadlines outside the period of the fellowship, the proposal writing should take place during the period of the fellowship in order to have a significant amount of the proposal completed before the end of the fellowship in preparation for submission.

·         Recognize DLRC in all presentations and publications that arise as a result of research generated

through the FRF support by listing DLRC as the author’s academic affiliation.


Title of Publication of Presentation

First Author, Second Author, etc.

Department of XXX (academic department)

and Discovery Learning Research Center

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

·         Provide DLRC with yearly up-to-date reports of papers, presentations, students, collaborations,

proposals, and research grants that involve work performed as a result of research generated

through this support.

·         Participate in DLRC activities during the fellowship period, such as DLRC Affiliates staff meetings.

After the fellowship period, continue association with DLRC through research engagement, formal and informal collaboration, and general contribution to the ongoing vision and intellectual capital of the Center.


For 2010, the period of support through the FRF program will be 1 semester, to be either during summer

or fall, 2010, or spring 2011. For 2010, we are particularly interested in projects that will address the

Public STEM Literacy goal of the DLRC, but will accept applications targeted at any of the Signature

Theme Areas of the Center. Also, for 2010, we are particularly interested in supporting a non-STEM

faculty member, in addition to a STEM faculty member. The application will be particularly

strengthened if two faculty apply as a collaborative team, with a non-STEM and a STEM faculty member

on the team. Each will be individually supported as a DLRC Faculty Research Fellow as described above.

Applications should consist of the following:

1.       A cover sheet with name of the faculty member, department and contact information, title of

the project, the semester in which the work will be done, and the DLRC Signature Theme area

that the proposal will address.

2.       A 500-word abstract of the proposed work.

3.       A three-page proposal that describes the work to be carried out, the funding sources to be

sought, and how the DLRC will be involved collaboratively in the work.

4.       A two-page CV highlighting the items (background, funding, publications) most relevant to the

proposed work.


Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document to Chris Ramsey,, by

11 pm, April 12, 2010.


Award decisions are expected to be made by May 3, 2010.



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