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While there is a tremendous variety of specific challenges that can be taken on in STEM education, the DLRC must focus its strengths on a few key areas in order to achieve maximum impact and recognition. These strengths result from its cross-cutting position within Discovery Park and Purdue University. Building on the mission of Discovery Park to catalyze interdisciplinary, large-scale research, the university's research strengths in a broad spectrum of STEM and STEM-related disciplines, a world-class cadre of STEM-education researchers throughout numerous academic units, and the unique capabilities of the new Hall for Discovery and Learning Research, the following signature themes guide the activities of the DLRC:

Translational Educational Research in STEM and STEM-related Disciplines

  • Focusing on the "Research to Practice" continuum, including development and evaluation of curricula, instructional materials and hardware.
  • Including physical and virtual learning environments

Innovative Pedagogies for Formal and Informal Learning

  • Focusing on instructional methods and frameworks
  • Including professional development and STEM teacher preparation

Catalyzing STEM Proficiency and Appreciation

  • Engaging in activities to influence national educational policies in STEM
  • Communicating STEM scholarship to a broad audience

Research Funding in the DLRC

Since its inception in 2003, the DLRC has submitted over 180 grant proposals to 25 different organizations. Over $300M was requested in that time period with approximately $50M being funded.

Funding agencies have included: NSF, NIH, NASA, Lilly Endowment Inc., Howard Hughes medical Institute, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Labor, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, and the Sloan Foundation.

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Discovery Learning Research Center
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