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Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc. (HASTI) provides science resources and education news for Indiana educators, and is a state chapter of the National Science Teachers Association:

National organization providing both professional development resources, grant information, classroom activities for K-12, and education news for science educators: National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Membership information for chemistry teachers association and links to newsletters: Indiana Alliance of Chemistry Teachers (IACT)

HASTI's link for the Indiana Association of Biology Teachers (IABT) gives contact information for IABT officers, or biology educators can find professional development opportunities and classroom resources at the National Association of Biology Teachers website.

Email addresses for the Indiana Mid-level Association of Science Teachers (IMAST).

The Environmental Education Association of Indiana (EEAI) provides conservation information, including an environmental resource directory for Indiana.

Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc. (SEFI)

Indiana Department of Education

INSPIRE, the Indiana Virtual Library (also linked from the Indiana DOE) is an online research library.

Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University provides information on Indiana geology and landscapes.

The Learn More Resource Center provides K-12 resources to provide Indiana residents with college and career information.

Indiana Academy of Science's mission is to promote research and scientific interaction in Indiana.

The PRISM Project (Portal Resources for Indiana Science and Mathematics)

Professor Garfield

The National Health Museum Museum Access Excellence Activities Collection.

Kid's Zone.

The Indiana Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (I-STEM) network.


Indiana Museums & Zoos


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Indiana State Museum (Indianapolis)

Imagination Station science center for kids (Lafayette)

Indianapolis Zoo

The WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology hands-on science center (Bloomington)


National Resources


Education Resources and Information Center site, created by the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education, is a database of journal and non-journal education literature.

Argonne National Laboratory's Division of Educational Programs website lists workshops for educators, and outreach programs at Argonne.

The updated and easy to navigate U.S. Department of Education Federal Resources for Education Excellence (FREE) web site. Information is searchable by subject and provided by both federal agencies and organizations.

ESL Partyland. "A Fun Place to Learn English as a Second Language!"

5 Minute English - Learn English as a Second Language

EPA's site for K-12 students and educators covers such topics as ecosystems, conservation, waste, recycling, etc. Educators can also find a link to lesson plans, workshops, community service, awards, and grants.

NASA provides K-12 & post-secondary educators information on NASA's research projects, school involvement, lesson plans, and space/earth science news.

NASA's Stereo Mission The Sun in 3D.

'Deep Impact' examines comets and provides K-12 activities, space science and technology information as well as related images and animations.

NASA - Solar System Exploration gives information and quick links for educators on space science.

Public Administration Agencies – NASA’s Greatest Achievements.

'Earth as Art is a collection of satellite images taken around the world with a brief description of the image.

EarthNow! Landsat Image Viewer.

Find imagery to supplement your geoscience lessons at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth and NASA's Visible Earth.

'Ask A Scientist' about climate or environment at NASA's Earth Observatory site.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is releasing its latest installments in a popular series of curriculum supplements designed to promote inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning and stimulate students' interest in science.

Space Science Education Source

'Science Friday' is a science talk show on NPR. The website contains podcasts and teaching resources to go with the talk show topic of the week.

Science Buddies - science fair project ideas, answers, and tools.

The PBS Teachers Source provides lesson plans and activities for preschool to high school.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency's website as well as a website for kids provides links to ongoing weather and marine research programs, as well as a comprehensive online 'weather school'. Some lesson plans are available at this site as well.

National Weather Service agency's information on lightning hazards

EducaPoles - The educational website of the International Polar Foundation.

US Geological Survey is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Also available are K-12 classroom activities, and links to in-depth information about maps, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, coastal storms, landslides, wildfires, water resources, biology, paleontology, astrogeology, and national parks geology.

U.S. Government's Department of the Interior links to life science, ecology, and earth science information and some activities.

'Ask A Geologist' is a resource of the US Geological Survey for questions about maps, earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, rocks, or rivers, lakes, or ground water.

The National Park Service is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior educator and student site.

The National Atlas lets students and teachers make customized maps showing a wide variety of natural resources.

Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation, International Paper, and National Geographic Explorer! classroom magazine are partners in a grant program building 'outdoor classrooms' at schools.

North Carolina State University hosts an online tutorial to help students write lab reports.

Chemistry labs for 11th and 12th grade provided through Juniata College, Pennsylvania

Center for Inquiry-Based Learning at Duke University with many hands-on activities for K-12 educators. A new Duke University program is Teachers and Scientists Collaborating (TASC), another inquiry-based site for scientists and K-8 educators.

Molecular Medicine in Action

Mathematics resources for K-12 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Mathcounts competition program for middle school students

Math challenges for Middle School families

American Association for the Advancement of Science

National Academies Center for Education

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Engineering K12 Center

National Academy of Engineering "Engineering Girl"

National Science Digital Library is an online resource for information on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics.

BioEd Online is a free web-based Science teacher resources from Baylor College of Medicine.

Science News for Kids, Publication of the Society for Science & the Public.

International Technology Education Association is a professional education association for K-12 educators.

Agriculture and Food Technology biotechnology site

Interactive physics problems from Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina

How Stuff Works

Molecular Expressions Science, Optics and you

Science Toys from household materials

Science Project Encyclopedia is a resource for creating science projects.

Science Fair Central provides project ideas and help on creating projects.

Middle and high schoolers help investigate animal migration patterns with the program Signals of Spring.

Jefferson Lab Science Education

Education World

Learn.Genetics at the Genetrics Science Learning Center at the University of Utah.

Bridge at the Sea Grant Ocean Science Education Center.

Online Schools Comprehensive Guide to Engineering Resources and other Resources.

Free Drinking The Chemistry of Water.

Online Student Resources: Back to School.


National Museums & Zoos


The Smithsonian Museum site for educators, students, and parents

Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Educators, parents, and students can link to educational material. The museum provides curriculum materials as well as teacher workshop.


Additional Educator Resources


Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) website offers assessment tools and techniques.

A resource book entitled Students and Research: Practical Strategies for Science Classrooms and Competitions by Cothron, Giese, Rezba

General teacher resources are avaliabel through NETS Best Resource for Teachers and the Teachers Network Organization .

NASA lesson plans and online resources for K-12 educators.

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