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Envisioning the Future

"Through Discovery Park, we're redefining the public university. We're exploring the sciences and technologies that will change the way we live and work, engaging every corner of this campus and helping generate economic development for our state and nation. We're redefining how discovery takes place at a research institution like Purdue."

-- France A. Córdova, president of Purdue

"Discovery Park is home to Purdue’s interdisciplinary research programs. It is a place where scientists and students dare to take on society’s "grand challenges." Here, the vision of today is transformed into the reality of tomorrow."

-- Alan Rebar, executive director of Discovery Park

"To be the best, I have to be with the best. Purdue, together with Discovery Park, is a magnet for that kind of talent. My career outlook is brighter because of the research experience I have been able to get at Discovery Park."

-- Saakshi Gangwal, graduate student of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue who addressed a delegation from India that recently toured Discovery Park

"The Center for Advanced Manufacturing will play a crucial role in helping Hoosier manufacturers use cutting-edge technology to compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced, global marketplace. During a time when manufacturing jobs are declining, the creation of these facilities will help spur the discovery of innovative ways to produce new goods and ensure the development of new job opportunities for future generations of Hoosier workers."

-- U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, (D-Indiana)

"Development of pharmaceuticals and new therapies that were unimaginable a decade ago are now a possibility. But to succeed, scientists must work across disciplines so that all of what we discover can be applied. And before people can work together, they must have a place to collaborate. That place is Discovery Park and facilities like the Bindley Bioscience Center."

-- William Bindley, a 1962 Purdue graduate who founded Bindley Western Industries, a Fortune 200 health-care distribution business that later merged with Cardinal Health

"If you're working on problems over a long period of time, the creativity, the innovation, the quality of the solutions will be higher if you have a more diverse team of people working to address the problem. Discovery Park is the catalyst. It brings people together to spark…the chain reaction that just lets the work take off in new and unexpected ways."

-- Leah Jamieson – Dean, College of Engineering, Purdue University

"With one of the finest nanotech facilities in the world and some of the field’s leading researchers, Purdue is positioned to help establish a research triangle for the Midwest, linking Chicago and Urbana-Champaign in Illinois with West Lafayette and Purdue’s home in west-central Indiana. The industry also is ripe for the picking, because nanotechnology is still in its infancy and not yet dominated by a particular geography the way that Silicon Valley dominates the 30-plus-year-old computer industry that we know today."

-- Michael Birck, chairman of Tellabs Inc. based in Naperville, Ill., and member of Purdue University Board of Trustees

"Birck is probably the largest, most modern nano-facility in the country. Especially in a time when the competitiveness of America is being debated, it’s heart-warming to see one of our universities pushing the frontier. Purdue does first-class research. The basic heart of research has always been at America’s universities."

-- Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel Corp.

"The Birck Nanotechnology Center at Purdue’s Discovery Park is the epitome of a university-based research facility focusing on the growing discipline of nanotechnology. It is a facility that will become the model for how universities answer critical questions in the exciting and dynamic arena of nanotechnology."

-- Mihail "Mike" Roco, senior adviser for nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation

"The universities that are going to succeed and succeed well into the future are those that have torn down the silos—that allow faculty across disciplines to work together. And, of course, because of Discovery Park, that’s happening right now here at Purdue University."

-- Joseph B. Hornett, senior vice president and treasure, Purdue Research Foundation

"Five years ago, we had a dream shaping an idea called Discovery Park. Today, this $400 million learning, discovery, and engagement complex is bringing the brightest minds together to research solutions that require deep insights from multiple disciplines. Everything we are doing here is tied to entrepreneurship and technology transfer as well as discovery and learning."

-- Martin C. Jischke, president-emeritus of Purdue University and founder of Discovery Park


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