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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does my department/college/school receive credit for proposals?

    Proposal credit is reported in Discovery Park as well as in the academic units of the Principal Investigators. If a proposal is routing through Discovery Park, the first page of the transmittal checksheet should list the appropriate Discovery Park Center in box 9. Discovery Park receives credit for proposals when listed in this box, however, no other units on campus receive credit through this mechanism. Credit to the academic units is captured through the collaborative effort of each Principal Investigator that is listed on the transmittal checksheet. This process ensures that the academic units receive the same credit that they would have received had the proposal gone through their school/college. In addition to this credit, on page 3, question 18, one official Purdue Center can also be listed to show their affiliation with the project.

  2. How does my department/college/school receive credit for awards when the grant is routed through Discovery Park?

    Expenditure credit is also dually reported between Discovery Park and the academic units. Minors are set up on Discovery Park accounts just as they are set up for any large project running through a school/college. The minors are specific to a principal investigator's/co-principal investigator's work on the project. These minor accounts have the home department number of the Principal Investigator coded into the system so that all expenditures can be tracked back to the home department and appropriate credit given to the unit.

  3. How does submitting a proposal through Discovery Park affect the research incentive funds that my department will receive?

    The amount of Research Incentive Funds (RIF) that a school/college receives is based upon the research expenditures in that school/college during the previous fiscal year. Since the expenditures are captured in both Discovery Park and the Academic Unit, both receive an equal share of RIF from the Provost Office.

  4. What proposals should go through Discovery Park?

    The proposal should fit within the mission of Discovery Park by falling under all of these categories:

    Interdisciplinary - multi-principal investigator, multi-departmental
    Additive - enhances, not replaces core learning, discovery or engagement function of the University
    Innovative, high impact, cutting-edge research concepts
    Large dollar requests (typically > $1M/year) or smaller interdisciplinary seed grant

    It should also fit within the current focus research areas in Discovery Park or have the potential to become a new signature area. The project could rely on expertise, equipment, laboratories or facilities in Discovery Park. The project could transcend traditional academic boundaries and provide strong leadership in the field or it could be a transforming project that can increase the economic development opportunities within Indiana and the U.S.

  5. Who do I contact if I want my proposal to route through Discovery Park?

    The Principal Investigator should contact the appropriate Center Director to discuss his/her intended research project. If the Center Director feels the proposal fits the mission of Discovery Park, he/she will contact the Discovery Park Business Manager or give the PI the Business Manager's contact information. The Discovery Park Business Office will meet the PI and begin working on the proposal budget.

  6. Who will handle such details as purchasing, travel reimbursements, projections, my minor accounts etc.?

    The academic business office in the PI/co-PI's home departments will administer the minor accounts. They have been given all necessary delegations to administer the minors as if it was a minor in their department. This enables the PI/Co-PI's to continue to work with their current home business office contacts for purchasing, travel, etc. in their home business office.

  7. What is the role of Discovery Park Business Office in my project once it is funded?

    Once an award is received by Sponsored Program Services, a Discovery Park Business Manager will work with the PI to establish appropriate sponsored accounts as well as any needed cost sharing accounts. The home business offices will be notified of any accounts set up for their faculty as well and given any necessary budget information. The DP Business Office will provide the PI with a monthly report outlining award and expenditure information on all minor accounts and cost share accounts. Throughout the life of the project, DP will prepare any rebudgets that maybe requested by the sponsor, monitor all cost sharing accounts, and help address any allowability questions that may come up during the life of the project.

    The Discovery Park Business Office will also assist with the hiring of new personnel. Any positions that are hired 100% on a sponsored program running through Discovery Park are traditionally considered a Discovery Park employee. The DP Business Office will assist with making sure that the hiring supervisor has the appropriate paperwork to send to HR, route the finalized document within Discovery Park for approval and work with HR to get the position classified and posted. Oncethe position is filled, the new employee should report to the DP business office upon his/her first day to fill out the appropriate paperwork before starting work that day. All payroll for DP positions are completed by the business office. Employees in hourly positions must turn in their signed time cards to the designated clerk in Discovery Park.

    In the event that any personnel issues should come up with a DP employee, the center Business Manager in Discovery Park will assist the supervisor with the situation. Many times it is necessary to update/involve the DP Employee Relations Consultant, the DP Business Manager will also make that contact. In addition, Discovery Park has its own Sponsored Programs Office. This enables DP to handle the proposal review and final proposal sign-off, account establishment, prior approvals and all other sponsored program activities in house.

  8. How would the royalties be distributed if IP originates as a result of Discovery Park activities? I have a project that was started in an academic unit and now it has moved into Discovery Park. How would the royalties be distributed?

    The formula for royalty distribution remains the same across the University. The PI, the home department and the Research Foundation each receive a third of the royalties received. Please refer to the following text from the Executive Memorandum No. B-10 for details.

    "If a recognized University center/institute plays a significant role in the development of University Intellectual Property and the dean or vice president having administrative responsibility for the center/institute so recommends in writing, the share of Net Proceeds normally distributed to the department/administrative unit may be distributed one-third to the center/institute and two-thirds to the academic units having administrative responsibility for those staff who are participating in the distribution of the inventor's share of royalty proceeds. The Vice President for Research may authorize a variance from the foregoing principles, depending upon the circumstances of an individual case, including relevant contractual arrangements and any applicable funding regulations."

    For discoveries resulting from proposals submitted through Discovery Park/Centers, the department share is split so that 1/3 goes to Discovery Park and 2/3 goes to the inventors department.

  9. I work in Discovery Park and I have a question about IP. How should I contact the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)?

    Please email and the appropriate technology manager will respond to your inquiry. Currently, Julie Goonwardene, Associate Director of Technology Commercialization, Discovery Park is the key contact person. Her role is to interface with the Discovery Park administration and associated centers to facilitate the process in commercializing technology.

  10. What are the services available from the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship and who is the contact person?

    The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship offers services to researchers, faculty and principal investigators engaged in innovation from the technology and science of Discovery Park. These services are intended to clarify issues and accomplish tasks associated with the commercialization efforts of these inventors as the innovations move to usable stage in their development. The BDM Center can assist in preparation of all or a portion of a business plan including marketing, competitive analysis, patent reviews, various financial studies including cost estimates, etc. The objective of these activities is to prepare the technology for its next logical step. Please email with questions.

  11. What is the relationship between Research Park and Discovery Park?

    Discovery Park is a Purdue University facility dedicated to cross functional research and initial commercialization assessment. The Research Park provides incubation facilities and services to early stage companies.


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