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Funding for undergraduates to work in your laboratory on a research project is available!

February 15, 2010

Funding for undergraduates to work in your laboratory on a research project is available! 

As part of the NCI-funded Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP), research projects focused on cancer prevention are being solicited from faculty and staff for undergraduate students to participate in a 12-month research experience.  CPIP will provide scholarships to the selected undergraduates including $4,500 for the Summer 2010 to be involved in a research project in the matched laboratory, and a $500/semester scholarship for both the Fall and Spring.

Program Description:  The program will fund 10 undergraduates to participate in CPIP.  Interested faculty are asked to submit projects for which they are seeking undergraduate students to participate.  Undergraduates apply directly to the projects, with a maximum of 3 applications per student.

The CPIP staff will screen the undergraduates and select those who meet the minimum program requirements.  Qualified undergraduate applications will be supplied to the faculty.  The faculty can then interview any applicants to their project and select a student to work on the project. 

In addition to the research experience in your laboratory, the students will also participate in several curricular additions intended to expose them to interdisciplinary approaches to cancer prevention as well as other professional development information and skills.  

Faculty Project Submission:  If you are interested in submitting a research project with a cancer prevention focus for which you would like to find an excellent undergraduate to work with you for a year, please access the following website:  http://discoverypark.itap.purdue.edu/learningcenter/duri/  and log in with using your career account.  To have your project included in the year long CPIP, click on the Program Type, and select Full-Year-2010 – CPIP.  We encourage you to submit your projects by February 22 as this is when undergraduates can begin applying for projects.  If you have questions, please contact Amy Childress (childres@purdue.edu).


Goals of the Program:  The goal of the CPIP is to increase interest in the pursuit of graduate studies and subsequent careers in cancer prevention research, provide exposure to all aspects of the field at a critical time to prepare students to better approach research problems, and prepare these students for successful careers in cancer prevention research. Further information on the CPIP is located at the following website: http://discoverypark.itap.purdue.edu/learningcenter/duri/faculty/


The deadline for project submission is March 6th and undergraduate applications will be available for faculty screening beginning March 9th.


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