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Translational Relationships

Indiana University Simon Clinical Cancer Center
The IU Simon Clinical Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center. Collaborations between Purdue researchers and the IU School of Medicine, which the Cancer Center is a part, have been ongoing. This relationship provides the clinical infrastructure necessary to establish additional bidirectional collaborations that will move discoveries from the OSC into clinical development and ultimately deliver them to the benefit of the patient.

Horizon Oncology
Horizon Oncology Center was established in 2001 providing advanced, specialized care for oncology and hematology patients in the Greater Lafayette, Indiana community. The practice is dedicated to promoting education and research in both basic and clinical science. It is the goal through continual promotion of teamwork to ensure that patients receive innovative, personalized care. Horizon Oncology is the clinical lead in the Cancer Research Clinical Partnership program at the OSC.

Purdue University Relationships

Bindley Biosciences Center
The Bindley Bioscience Center at Discovery Park blends life sciences and engineering research to cultivate and support innovative, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary research teams. The OSC leverages the facilities of the Bindley as it pertains to analytical methods, precision measurement technologies and high throughput approaches to biological systems. The Bindley Bioscience Center has a Biomolecular Research Core, a Computational Life Sciences Core, a Cytomics and Imaging Core, and a Nanobiotechnology Core that works in collaboration with the Birck Nanotechnology Center . In the Bindley Center , the OSC has the expertise and tools necessary to carry out research into the complexities of cancer.

Birck Nanotechnology Center
The Birck Nanotechnology Center is part of Purdue University 's Discovery Park . The Center has state of the art facilities for nanotechnology interdisciplinary research. Joint projects between the Birck and the OSC will utilize the unique environment at the Birck Nanotechnology Center for collaborative interdisciplinary research that brings together the fields of nanotechnology and cancer research.

Botanicals Research Center for Age Related Diseases
Purdue University in collaboration with the University of Alabama-Birmingham and investigators at Rutgers University, IU School of Medicine, and University of Illinois has established the Dietary Botanicals Supplements Center to study the effectiveness and mechanism of action of polyphenolic compounds purported to reduce the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function, and other age-related diseases. Because of this internal strength, the Cancer Prevention, Nutrition, and Control program is one of the major thrust areas of the OSC. Center director, Connie Weaver, is a participating faculty in the OSC.

Discovery Learning Center
The Discovery Learning Center is a part of Purdue University's Discovery Park. Discover Learning Center is focused on identifying, developing, and nurturing interdisciplinary teams and projects that integrate, synthesize, and promote discovery, learning, and engagement. The OSC participates with the Learning Center in the integration of cancer into the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program designed to involve Purdue undergraduate in the interdisciplinary research environment of Discovery Park. The DLC also participates in the Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program funded by NCI.

Purdue Comparative Oncology Program
The Purdue Comparative Oncology Program in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University was formed in 1979 with the goal of improving the outlook for pet animals and humans with cancer. The Program focuses on a comparative nature of the work because specific forms of naturally-occurring cancer in pet animals very closely mimic those same forms of cancer in humans. This comparative medicine justifies new successful approach to prevent or treat cancer in pet animals to translate to evaluation of theses same approaches in humans. Current clinical investigations include Canine Urinary Bladder Cancer, Herbicide Exposure and Urinary Bladder Cancer, Canine Bone Cancer, Canine Prostate Cancer, and Photodynamic Therapy. The Program is led by Deborah W. Knapp and David J. Waters.

Regenstrief Institute for Healthcare Engineering
The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering is one of the newest additions to Discovery Park . The Regenstrief Center applies process-engineering principles, such as supply-chain management and just-in-time manufacturing to health-care delivery, following the flow of information, funds and materials through the system to achieve better results and efficiency. The Regenstrief's expertise in systems analysis contributes to the assessment of many research projects at the OSC, particularly in the areas of cost-benefit analysis for cancer control and prevention initiatives.

About Oncological Sciences

The mission of the Oncological Sciences Center is to seek new opportunites, forge new partnerships, and nurture new relationships to advance cancer research beyond the laboratory.

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