PRISM at Discovery Park

"Integrating Materials and Structures Performance Prediction via the Materials Genome Initiative"

March 31 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - ME 1051 - Guest Speaker - Dennis Dimiduk

Materials and structures design can now access a remarkable set of new materials modeling and simulation tools. The capabilities of such tools are expanding rapidly for representing mechanisms important to both ‘design with’ and ‘design of’ materials at disparate scales. The present talk examines advances in the multiscale aspects of mechanical behavior simulation for the purposes of predicting materials performance for an engineering design system. Selected tools and techniques are discussed from a viewpoint motivated by two questions: i) what multiscale tools and methods are able to provide predictive capabilities and, ii) how might the methods be incorporated into an integrated computational materials engineering framework to reduce the need for empirical data? The initial conclusion is that microstructure-level tools are significantly underdeveloped and are likely to remain so for some time; thus, a more structured approach to integrated computational and empirical methods is necessary that considers appropriate selections of both ‘top down’ and ‘bottom-up’ approaches.


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