PRISM at Discovery Park

PRISM SEMINAR SERIES: "Science and Technology of Multifunctional Thin Films and....."

October 2 @ 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - BRK 1001

Orlando Auciello
Materials Science Division and Center for Nanoscale Materials,
Argonne National Laboratory

Abstract: A review will be presented on research and development programs in the Interfacial Materials Group (Materials Science Division) and the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory. Themes to be reviewed include:
(1) Studies focused on understanding ferroelectric and high-k dielectric film growth and interface processes and scaling to fabrication of nanostructure, as well as the implications for next generation of high-density (Gb-TB) ferroelectric memories (FERAMs), new high-K dielectric layers for nanoscale CMOS gates;
(2) Studies of a new TiAl layer developed in our laboratory that can be used as a material with a double diffusion barrier/ bottom electrode functionality for integration of ferroelectric capacitors with CMOS devices for fabrication of FeRAMs, integration of high-K dielectric layers with Cu electrodes for high frequency devices, as a new high-K dielectric, when oxidized (TiAlOx) for next generation of nanoscale CMOS devices, and superlattices of TiO2/Al2O3, grown by ALD, to produce supercapacitors for microchips implantable in the human body and for energy storage.
(3) Research focused on the science and technology of novel ultrananocrystalline (UNCD) thin films, developed and patented at ANL, which exhibit exceptional mechanical, tribological, chemical, electrical, and biocompatible properties, which enable application to multifunctional devices, such as RF MEMS/NEMS resonators and switches for wireless communications, biomedical devices (as a coating for a microchip implantable in the retina to restore sight to people blinded by retina degeneration), and biosensors. This work involves now research on the integration of piezoelectric oxide and UNCD films to produce hybrid piezo/diamond heterostructures for low voltage piezoactuated high-performance diamond-based MEMS/NEMS devices.

Bio: O. Auciello is an expert on several scientific and technological fields, including ion beam, plasma, and laser interactions with materials, the science and technology of multicomponent oxide thin films (HTSC, ferroelectric, and electro-optic materials among others) and the science and technology of diamond and nanocarbon thin films and applications to multifunctional devices (MEMS/NEMs, biomedical devices and biosensors) from the macro to the nanoscale. He was one of the developers of the unique multifunctional ultrananocrystalline diamond film invented and patented at Argonne and now commercialized through Advanced Diamond Technology, Inc, a company co-founded by O.Auciello, J.A. Carlisle and N. Kane in 2003. Auciello has published about 450 papers in scientific journals, 12 books, and he holds 18 patent

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