PRISM at Discovery Park

"THz Sensor Science and Technology"

April 30 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Birck Nanotechnology Center, Room 1001

Abstract: With world events during the past decade, the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum is being widely investigated for a variety of sensing challenges including concealed object imaging, explosives detection, bio-warfare agent detection, and biomedical imaging. This talk summarizes our recent research on the science and technology of these challenges, especially devices and components for THz sensor systems that operate at room temperature, are amenable to field applications, and inherently transferable to Industry. Three THz sensor technologies and their scientific issues will be addressed: (1) high-spectral-resolution coherent photomixing spectroscopy of explosives and biomolecules; (2) high-spatial-resolution impulse-radar biomedical imaging of skin hydration, burns, and carcinomas; and (3) 2D focal-plane-array imagers based on uncooled Schottky rectifiers. An underlying theme is that THz sensors can offer unique and complementary information, and could ultimately be fused with infrared sensors or data, ultrasonic imagers, or other sensor modalities.

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