PRISM at Discovery Park

"Modeling of High-Temperature Chemical Reactions in Air"

January 20 @ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - Armstrong 1021

The direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method is traditionally used to study rarefied flows with a significant degree of thermal and chemical nonequilibrium. Presently, one of the most challenging problems in terms of the DSMC method development and improvement is related to the need to effectively and reliably simulate nonequilibriumchemical reactions especially in high-temperature conditions of atmospheric reentry with velocities above 10 km/s. Many DSMC models of chemical reactions were suggested in the literature. The models differ in the area of applicability, derivation, and accuracy. A model for DSMC computations taking into account high-temperature nonequilibriumchemical reactions in an air mixture was developed and implemented in the SMILE++ software system. The vibrationallyspecific cross sections of chemical reactions (required for DSMC modeling) are obtained as functions of the sum of translational and rotational energies on the basis of the known two-temperature reaction rate constant in the form of N.M. Kuznetsov. The reaction cross sections are found numerically as an approximate, but stable solution of the integral equation containing this reaction rate constant in its right part.

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