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Collaborating for better patient safety

infusion pumpIn an increasingly competitive healthcare environment, the Infusion Pump Informatics (IPI) group may be a little unique. It’s a group of pharmacists and nurses who regularly exchange information, answer each other’s questions, and collaborate on medication safety solutions.

Working through CatalyzeCare, the pharmacists view data on medications administered at their hospital through infusion pumps. They’re also able to view data from the other hospitals. But instead of competition, this creates collaboration.

“I believe that we are providing better care to our patients because of our participation,” says Dan Degnan, medication safety officer at Community Health Network (CHN). The system’s strength is in its ability to let pharmacists choose from dozens of variables — drug, time, date, unit, etc. — when asking and answering questions, and its ability to immediately generate the results. Hospital comparisons and an accompanying discussion board allow pharmacists to explore universal issues and identify key differences.

Through the data, the pharmacists have identified where additional nurse education was needed, evaluated whether a system upgrade was required, and adjusted alerts to improve administration and reduce alert fatigue. They have also formed relationships with others interested in similar issues that reach beyond the pumps. “I believe that the relationships we have identified through this work will benefit our organization in ways unrelated to this specific project,” says Degnan.

About the project:

Project: Infusion Pump Informatics System
PI: Ann Christine Catlin, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing
Partners: Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety (includes Franciscan St. Francis Health, Wishard Hospital, Community Health Network), University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska, University of Iowa, Witham Health, St. Vincent Health
Funding: RCHE
Research area: Care coordination
Core competencies: Data repository management, human systems integration, visualization, patient safety, quality improvement, pharmacy

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