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PWC New Faculty Seminar & Networking Opportunity

April 9 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Potter, Fu room 234

The Purdue Water Community is hosting a PWC New Faculty Seminar & Networking Opportunity series during the semester.

This lunchtime meetings series gives us a chance to talk about research ideas and PWC issues.

We are pleased to welcome Andrew Whelton as our guest speaker.


Andrew Whelton is an Assistant Professor with joint appointments in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering and Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering. His work experience includes serving on the faculty of the University of South Alabama, postdoc appointments at National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and Virginia Tech, and worked as engineer for the US Army and private consulting firms. He earned BS, MS, and PhD degrees at Virginia Tech for civil and environmental engineering


The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the audience to the presenter’s research expertise and identify opportunities for collaboration. Safe water is critical for the health, welfare, and economic security of our nation. We rely on water to sustain public health, and drive agricultural, industrial, and recreational activities. Recent chemical spills in the US and Canada have underscored the vulnerability of water supplies, water infrastructure, and building plumbing systems to chemical contamination. Today’s building plumbing systems however are increasingly constructed with plastics, and plastic-water interactions remain poorly understood. Aging infrastructure systems are also being rehabilitated using plastic materials instead of their corrosion susceptible counterparts. Results of several projects will be discussed during this presentation: (1) Chemical spill response and investigation, (2) Water infrastructure contamination and decontamination, (3) Plastic plumbing system impacts on water chemical, odor, microbiological quality, and (4) Research needs. Several major discoveries by the presenter’s team and collaborators will be discussed that have resulted in Federal and State agencies redesigning their approach to spill response and infrastructure rehabilitation decisions. Results of the team’s bench- and field-scale efforts are also being drafted for green building construction standard implementation

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