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Special Seminar: Affordable drinking water purification using nanotechnology

May 31 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM - 2001 Jischke Hall


Affordable drinking water purification using nanotechnology


T. Pradeep

Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600 036 India.

E-mail: pradeep@iitm.ac.in


4 pm Tuesday, May 31 2011

2001 Jischke Hall



Realizing the molecular nature of contaminants in drinking water and the need to remove them at ultra trace levels, significant progress has been made in the recent past to utilize nanomaterials for water purification. My presentation summarizes our recent efforts in understanding the chemistry of nanoscale materials for the purification of drinking water. The application of noble metal nanoparticle-based chemistry for drinking water purification can be summarized for three major types of contaminants: halogenated organics including pesticides, heavy metals and microorganisms. We were the first to introduce a nanomaterials-based purifier for drinking water to tackle pesticide contamination.  Recent efforts for the removal, as well as ultralow concentration detection of such species, using a variety of nanostructures will be summarized. There are several materials emerging in the recent past and their chemistry may also be utilized for this application. We have now developed an all-inclusive affordable water purifier addressing all the common contaminants. Some of these purifiers are undergoing field trials now and will be introduced in the market very soon. The domestic drinking water purifier segment is a $530 million industry in India and is growing at a rate of 24% annually. This growth is largely around urban India. There is a need to take water purifiers to rural India where water quality is fast deteriorating. The challenge is to take affordable technology to the poor.  Lessons learnt in the commercialization of technologies of this kind will be outlined.

Pradeep is Professor of Chemistry at IIT Madras. His work is in the area of molecular materials and surfaces with emphasis on nanoparticles and ice surfaces. He showed that the equilibrium constant of the prototypical proton transfer reaction, NH3 + HCl →NH4Cl, is orders of magnitude lower on ice. Recent honors include the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize in chemical sciences, 2008; elected as fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, 2009; Kerala Sahitya Academy Award, 2010


Seminar is part of a Workshop “Expanding the D in University R & D” on May 31st, 10.30am in Jischke rm 2001

Workshop information and schedule from Brandy Shumaker, dunlap@purdue.edu

Affordable drinking water purification using nanotechnology    T. Pradeep

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