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Water is vital to every community and an essential resource for economic development, food security, industrial growth, and human well-being. The availability of a clean, plentiful, safe, and secure water source has been and will always be a major concern for human populations. Many areas of the globe, confronted by major water shortage and water quality concerns, are especially vulnerable. The vision of the Purdue Water Community is to work towards solutions for this global challenge. 

Purdue University is a recognized leader in the science and research of water resources, environmental and natural resources, agriculture, and education. International activities are an essential element of Purdue's global prominence: these enrich our faculty and students in important new dimensions and help us achieve preeminence through service and impact to other parts of the world. 

The Water Community coordinates Purdue University's broad based expertise in water research, and provides a platform from which to position Purdue as a leader of global impact in addressing water grand challenges. It builds upon the substantial and significant expertise that exists at Purdue and its partner organizations in the field of water resources, and upon Purdue's land grant mission (Learning, Discovery, and Engagement) of service for a better world, enriching Purdue's ongoing international activities in addressing challenges related to the world's water resources. 

For more information regarding global initiatives with the Purdue Water Community contact Rabi Mohtar


About the Purdue Water Community

The Purdue Water Community facilitates water-related research, teaching, and engagement to improve and sustain human and ecosystem health. Everyone in the Purdue community who works on water-related research or education is welcome to participate by joining the Water Community.

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Inland Lakes Project
This project focuses on research efforts to improve the ability of managers and stakeholders to anticipate how potential management decisions and natural dynamics influence physical, chemical and biological characteristics of lakes. 
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