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Whether it's been just a few years or more than a few decades since you first walked the Purdue campus, you have a story to tell. We invite you to share your story; a story that celebrates the spirit of giving, a community of Boilermakers and traditions that still ring true. Every alum has a different Purdue experience – What’s yours?

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When you are writing your story, please write how you would talk using first person. Keep it personal. Think about why you chose Purdue, what Purdue people (icons, professors, etc.) influenced you, what scholarships you may have received while at Purdue, your favorite Purdue memories and experiences, and how Purdue gave you the confidence to go in to the world and accomplish your goals.

Please complete the following sentence. “I will give back to Purdue because…” (If you already support Purdue, why will you continue to give?)

Current and past involvement with Purdue, including councils, clubs, etc.



We invite you to share a picture of you showing your Purdue pride along with your Purdue story! Please include a high-resolution photo that is in JPEG, PNG, of GIF format and isn’t greater than 4MB. Please add your own caption as well telling us what you are doing, who you are with, and where you are.

Your Purdue Story and picture may be shared on our web site!

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