Walk to the moon challenge

Don't stop now!
We're not stopping till we reach the moon! Continue to track how many steps you are taking and impact your life.

As an effort of Healthy Planet 2010, Purdue will launch itself to the moon, challenging people to join together to walk the 477,714,000 steps it takes to reach the moon.

Does 477,714,000 seem like too many steps for you to make an impact?

Consider that in one mile you take approximately 2,000 steps. Walking just one mile a day for the five days of Healthy Planet 2010, you have walked 10,000 steps!

While you are at it, think about ways to increase your activity as well... It is not just stepping our way to the moon, but any activity! Check out the step-conversion chart for ideas.

The Walk to the Moon Challenge looks to encourage people to increase their physical activity and create new habits.

Join the challenge today!

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