Equipment Resources at BNC

As you find equipment at Birck Nanotechnology Center, please note the fees and scheduling requirements of that specific equipment. Cleanroom equipment usage is on a recharge basis and is scheduled through the iLab system. Lab equipment is designated as shared use, but falls into two categories. Some equipment is for general use, and is scheduled in iLab in the same manner as cleanroom equipment. Other equipment is owned by a specific faculty member and usage is coordinated through that faculty member.


Fabrication Equipment is used for top-down nanofabrication on a variety of substrates. Included in this category is equipment used to deposit a wide variety of materials, image those materials as well as substrates, oxidize and diffuse materials, provide back-end processing, and synthesize nanoparticles using wet-chemical methods.


Characterization Equipment is used to analyze materials and devices down to the nano scale. Included in this category are instruments for microscopy, surface analysis, film characterization, characterization of bulk substrates, and nanoparticle characterization.

Roll-to-roll Manufacturing