Override Workflow Preregistration Processing

During the nightly test batch simulations (May 9 -- July 14) the actions for the override workflow are treated as follows:

Override Action Type

Used in nightly TEST batch simulations for potential enrollment counts? (May 9 -- July 14)

Defer, Approve, Take No Action





  • Defers and Approves are considered approved for the purpose of calculating enrollment numbers during test batch simulations displayed in the Batch Solver Dashboard.
  • Students with HOLDS are included in the nightly test batch simulations.
  • Examples:
    • Defer: If the departmental designee is going to wait until AP, transfer credit, etc. is posted, then go ahead and Defer in the override workflow system.
    • Deny:
      • If the student doesn’t/ won’t meet the override request (anything except prerequisite), please Deny immediately to allow these seats to be used by other students requesting the course.
        • Students with a denied request will be prompted to remove the course before they can save any new changes to their CRF.
      • Prerequisite overrides may be denied during preregistration if the Departmental Designee is 100% certain the student will not meet the requisite.
        • Students with a denied request will be prompted to remove the course before they can save any new changes to their CRF.
    • Approve: If the student meets the override requirement, go ahead and Approve in the override workflow process.  This permits students to obtain a seat during the batch simulation process.
    • No Action: Will be treated the same as Approve, and a seat will be set aside for that student. 
  • Caution - Starting on July 14 at 5:01 p.m. EDT, enrollment requests will go unused if:
    • No action is taken on a defer.
    • No action is taken on a pending override.

During the real batch simulations (July 15 -- July 21), although the override workflow system is closed, you can review course supply/demand based off the Batch Solver Dashboard based off the override action taken above. 

Override Action Type

Used in REAL Batch Solver Simulations? (July 15-July 21)

Defer, Deny, Take No Action





  • All deferred and denied overrides are considered denied during the real batch simulations.
    • These are no longer counted towards enrollment for course demand.
  • Only approved overrides will be reflected in the enrollment.
  • If a student needs an override after the override workflow system has closed, authorized staff may use SFASRPO in Banner to add the override.
  • Students with HOLDs are NOT included in the real batch simulations.

June 10, 2022

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