Purdue Student Concert Committee (SCC) consists of 16 students that have been selected through an application and interview process to advise Purdue Convocations about popular entertainment selections for Purdue students on the West Lafayette campus. Student members experience the equivalent of an internship in the entertainment industry.

SCC aids in selecting, marketing, promoting and producing national commercial entertainment acts that come to campus for the student body. The overall mission of SCC is to positively impact live concert and event culture at Purdue University by bringing a diverse array of large scale and small scale concert events to campus each school year. CLICK HERE to see a comprehensive list of the artists that SCC has brought to Purdue’s campus over the organizations proud 40+ years.

Each year, the committee selects eight new members to replace outgoing members who have completed a two-year term. After a one-year general membership, the students are expected to take a leadership and mentoring role on the committee. The Student Concert Committee is supported largely in part by the Student Fee Advisory Board (SFAB).

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Current Members

  • Marie-Claire Norins, President
  • Cameron Cole, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Christin Preuss, Marketing Chair
  • Brian Williams, Production Co-Chair
  • Olivia Thomas, Production Co-Chair
  • Sarah Rinker, Research Co-Chair
  • Toby Onyekwere, Research Co-Chair
  • Emi Quist
  • Sara Brown
  • Klara Barej
  • Wesley Dulin
  • Megan Kodati
  • Jo Jennings
  • Quentin Lovejoy
  • Danny Ainley
  • Faith Scott
  • Vir Toshniwal
  • Sarah Schultz
  • Ben Annakin
  • Ben Sons, Student Advisor
  • Mike Armintrout, Staff Advisor

Questions? Call 765-494-9712

SCC after a show in 2021


SCC has presented live music and comedy acts at Purdue for more than 40 years.

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