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Student Affairs Development

Student Conduct Process


  • Any student organization (student councils, Fraternities, Co-Ops, etc.) on Purdue's campus can go to the Student Affairs Development office for an updated list of the organization's alumni. You must fill out a Request for Purdue University Development Information and Certification of Proper Data Use form to receive the requested information.
  • Any student organization directly connected to a certain school or college: Contact that school's or college's development office (not Student Affairs).
  • Cooperatives, Fraternities, and Sororities that have a national foundation or a national head quarters: Work directly with their national foundation (not Student Affairs).
  • Sanctioned Student Organizations: Contact the Student Affairs Development Office.


  1. Financial Arrangements
    University Regulations
    Section VII
    1. All student organizations, except student housing organizations not under the direct management of Purdue University, are required to handle their finances through the Business Office for Student Organizations.
  2. Regulations for Organizations Handling Finances through the Business Office for Student Organizations:
    1. The Business Office for Student Organizations is to be consulted before services are solicited. All contracts entered into by organizations are to be approved in advance by the director of the Business Office for Student Organizations.
  3. General Provisions:
    1. Recognized student organizations may engage in retailing, commercial soliciting, canvassing, sponsorship, and marketing activities with the written approval of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Business Office for Student Organizations. The recognition of student organizations and the approval of their programs and activities is the responsibility of the Office of the Dean of Students. The Business Office for Student Organizations has the responsibility of exercising financial oversight, including contract approvals, over all student organizations who must maintain accounts with that office.
  4. Sponsorship of Student Organizations Activities:
    1. Student organizations may accept sponsorship for programs or activities with the approval of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Business Office for Student Organizations. Before any commitment is made to accept sponsorship, the student organization may need to secure a written contract with the sponsor and the contract must be approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

Difference Between Sponsorship and Donation
Corporate Sponsorships

  1. Corporations and other organizations often give money to institutions to sponsor activities, events, or projects and in return receive recognition on campus, at the event, or in accompanying publications. Most corporate sponsorship dollars are fully countable; the determining factor is whether recognition the corporation receives constitutes advertising. The IRS defines advertising in the instance as competitive pricing or product information displayed because of the donation. If the recognition fits this definition of advertising, the sponsorship is an exchange transaction, not a gift. Simple name or logo placement is not advertising.
  2. For a sponsorship to qualify as a contribution, all factors below must exist:
    1. The sponsorship contribution must be made by a person or corporation engaged in a trade or business.
    2. The sponsor should not expect nor receive a substantial return benefit (2% of sponsorship contribution) for payment other than name acknowledgment and/or promotional value.
    3. The promotional information should be limited to any or all of these: sponsor's location, telephone, Internet address; value-neutral description of sponsor's products or services; and sponsor's brand/trade name or product/service listings.
    4. There is no qualitative or comparative advertising of sponsor's products or services such as pricing, savings, value, purchase/sale inducements, etc.
    5. The sponsorship should not be contingent on event attendance, ratings, or public exposure.
  3. The following are examples of sponsorships that DO NOT qualify as charitable gift income (sometimes called exchange transactions):
    1. Advertising revenue
    2. Exclusive vendor relationships, such as fees received for soft drink pouring rights
    3. Trade-outs, such as hotel rooms and transportation; these are considered services
    4. Donations of athletic uniforms, shoes, and equipment via exclusive vendor agreements whereby the university receives the items in exchange for refraining from using competitors' products.
    5. No booth placements
    6. Can’t receive benefits
  4. Following are some examples of situations involving corporate sponsorships:
    1. An institution hosts a golf tournament with all proceeds going to that institution’s tax-exempt purposes. The institution offers corporate sponsorship opportunities, whereby the sponsor would pay $2,500 to provide food and beverages at any one of the 18 holes in exchange for displaying a placard stating the name of the company sponsoring that hole. Since the simple display of the corporation's name does not constitute "advertising," the entire $2,500 is considered a gift.
    2. In the same scenario as above, the sponsor also receives "free" admission for the four participants in the golf tournament, with a fair market value of $125 per person. In accordance with the quid pro quo discussion above, the fair market value of those tickets must be reduced from the amount paid to calculate the true gift amount. Therefore, the net gift amount is $2,000.
    3. An institution hosts a donor recognition dinner and asks local corporations to help underwrite the costs. In exchange for any amounts paid, the institution offers the corporation space to display and sell their products and services. This would constitute a form of free advertising for the companies that would not have otherwise had they not underwritten the costs. Therefore, none of the amounts paid may be counted.
  5. Keep in mind:
    1. If you are planning to send out solicitations to a corporation or alumni, you must contact the Business Office for Student Organizations.
    2. There are over 900 student organizations on campus fighting for the support of the relatively small number of Lafayette and West Lafayette businesses.
    3. If a parent, aunt, uncle, etc. works for or has a connection with a company (ie. They work there or do business with them), make use of those connections.
    4. You must have a written contract.
    5. Follow all IRS Laws for donation
    6. Corporations and alumni get a ton of solicitation. Carefully thinking through what you want to accomplish and what type of solicitation and message you want to send. This can help your student organization stand out.



Purdue Printing Services

  • If your student organization needs help with designing, printing, and/or mailing information to send out to alumni, please follows these steps:

    1. Contact the staff of the Business Office for Student Organizations about the financial process, located in Schleman Hall, Rm 213.
    2. If you need a list of your organizations alumni and their mailing addresses, contact Annette Lamb at alamb@purdue.edu or (765) 494-5776.
    3. Contact a representative at Printing Services and obtain an estimate for your job. It will help if you know the approximate number of your alumni.
    4. Determine if Printing Services will print and mail your information to your alumni. Make sure to determine how payment will be made.
    5. Complete all appropriate forms and obtain all necessary signatures to start the job.
    6. Double check all material, and then provide Printing services with the material needed to complete the job.
  • For an online estimate and more information, visit the Purdue Printing Services Website: http://www.purdue.edu/printingservices/
  • Purdue Printing Services Main Office:
    698 Ahlers Drive, West Lafayette
    Business Hours: M-F 7:30 a.m.to 5 p.m.
    Telephone: (765) 494-2006