Intercultural Scholarship at Purdue University

Throughout Purdue University, intercultural learning is embedded into the curricula by our faculty and staff, ensuring that intercultural development occurs not only during study abroad but also in the classroom. Below are the research findings of our intercultural champions divided by college of origin and by topic of interest.


Intercultural Scholarship Sorted by College

Intercultural research sorted by college/school and linked to Collections in the Intercultural Learning Hub
College, School, or Department Link to a Collection of Research Publications
Center for Instructional Excellence
College of Agriculture
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Health and Human Sciences
College of Liberal Arts
College of Pharmacy
College of Science
John Martinson Honors College
Libraries and School of Information Studies
Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business
Polytechnic Institute


Intercultural Scholarship Sorted by Topic

Intercultural research sorted by various topics and linked to Collections in the Intercultural Learning Hub
Topic Subtopic(s) Link to a Collection of Research Publications
Assessment Beliefs Events and Values Inventory (BEVI)
Equity-Center Assessment
Representing the Intercultural Development Continuum as a Pendulum

Curriculum & Instruction across Discipline

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Social Justice

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity-Centered Assessment
Social Justice
Global Health
Intercultural Competence & Development
Intercultural Learning Hub
Mental Health Emotion Labor
International Students
Service Learning
Study Abroad Assessment

Intercultural Development



Social Justice


Transformative Learning
Virtual Learning Contexts
Virtual Reality for Intercultural Development
World Languages & Linguistics