Sustainable and Adaptive Energy Systems

The Center for Sustainable and Adaptive Energy Systems (CSAES) will provide UNSA with a research, education, and innovation ecosystem to address the complex energy needs of Arequipa and promote a strong energy sector economy.

Arequipa has abundant renewable and conventional energy resources but technological, capability and capacity gaps, an underdeveloped energy infrastructure in Arequipa’s varied geographic environments, isolated communities, and limitations related to coupled water-energy needs, limit the benefits of these resources to Arequipa’s citizenry.

Through targeted research development with UNSA faculty, undergraduate and graduate curriculum development, energy sector corporate partnerships, and stakeholder engagement to assess community need and capacity this program will create a new era in sustainable energy-related research and innovation in Arequipa.

Through the application of state-of-the-art approaches and technologies, and leveraging current infrastructure, including renewable energy technologies, microgrids, and power to gas (P2G) hydrogen systems, this program will address how Arequipa can provide energy security to all its citizens with a minimal trade off to its fragile environment and culture.


Tim Filley

Timothy Filley
Professor, Purdue University
Nexus Institute Director
Director, C4E
Phone: +1 765 49-46581

Gustavo Polanco

Henry Gustavo Polanco Cornejo
Dean, School of Process Engineering, UNSA
Nexus Institute Co-Director

Purdue University