Technical Training Workshops


Training in Good Agricultural Practices / Capacitación en Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas
Molecular Biology Techniques Workshop at UNSA / Taller de Téchnicas de Biología Molecular en la UNSA
2019 Arequipa Nexus Institute Technical Workshop
06/19 Forum – Towards Sustainable Food Security / Foro – Hacia la seguridad alimentaria sostenible
Nexus Data Management Sessions / Sesiones de Manejo de Datos Nexus
05/23 Determination of air pollution sources by particles in Arequipa / Determinació de fuentes de contaminación del aire por partículas en Arequipa
04/15 Postharvest Management and Technologies / Gestión y Tecnologías Post-Cosecha
03/23 SWAT Application in the Arequipa Region - Aplicación de SWAT en la Region de Arequipa
03/13 Workshops on Synergistic Sustainability Opportunities and development of a new graduate course: Nexus of Water, Energy and Food / Talleres sobre oportunidades de sostenibilidad sinérgica y desarrollo de un nuevo curso de posgrado: Nexus of Water, Energy and Food
11/27 Nexus Institute Workshop / Taller del Instituto Nexus
11/26 Raising Peru's Wine and Grape Industry to be a Global Competitor / Elevando la Industria de la Uva y Vino Peruano a un Competidor Global
11/08 First Meeting for the Consultation of the Food Security Program / Primera Reunión Consultativa del Programa de seguridad alimentaria
08/01 Nexus Institute Workshop
05/15 UNSA Food Security Workshop / Taller UNSA Seguridad Alimentaria

Purdue University has a long tradition of global engagement promoting research, education, and capacity building. Purdue and UNSA partners will co-manage and co-develop customized workshops with technical training modules on food-energy-water systems, environmental management, and tools for microbiological, plant, geochemical and GIS analysis to be held at both Purdue and UNSA.

Hands On Instruction: Conducted at UNSA and at Purdue by UNSA and Purdue faculty and staff

  • 1- to 4- weeks duration
  • Education of Students
  • Training of Professionals
  • Development of Faculty Research
  • Outreach to Communities

Technical Training/Capacity Building

  • Laboratory Methods (soil, water, food safety)
  • Community Engagement
  • Field Site Monitoring and Sampling
  • Remote Sensing and GIS

Key Function in Most Nexus Projects

  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Soil Vulnerability
  • Foodborne Pathogens
  • Glacial Meltwater
  • Heavy Metals Contamination
  • Farming-Mining Co-existence
  • Postharvest Management
  • Atmospheric Deposition
  • Water Quality
  • Nutritious Processed Foods
  • Food Security


Tim Filley

Timothy Filley
Professor, Purdue University
Nexus Institute Director
Director, C4E
Phone: +1 765 49-46581

Gustavo Polanco

Henry Gustavo Polanco Cornejo
Dean, School of Process Engineering, UNSA
Nexus Institute Co-Director

Purdue University