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The Arequipa Nexus Institute welcomes UNSA Professor Hector Novoa to Purdue as a visiting scholar

February 4, 2020

The Arequipa Nexus Institute welcomes Dr. Hector Novoa to Purdue, a visiting scholar from the Universidad Nacional of Saint Augustin de Arequipa (UNSA), Peru, collaborating with Purdue faculty and Nexus affiliated, Dr. Jane Frankenberger, Agricultural Biological Engineering, from the “Sustainable Water Management in the Arequipa Region” (SWM) project.

The SWM project is one of the 21 research initiatives from the Arequipa-Nexus Institute in collaboration with investigators from UNSA. The goal of this project is to develop stakeholder-driven land use and water management tools, using local and remotely sensed data within a planning framework that will lead to socially, economically and ecologically sustainable agricultural and resource development in the region. The expected impact of this research on the Arequipa Region is economic growth and improved health, through the fair access to safe and secure water resources and a management framework that respects the needs and preferences of the local stakeholders.

Dr. Novoa is also working with Dr. Elwakil,  in the project: “Toward Clean Water: Avoid Intrusion of Contaminants into Water systems” (TCM) to reduce water contamination by building better system models and examining risks related to water quality.

Learn more about the SWM project 

Learn more about the TCM project 

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