The Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology, and Infectious Disease (PI4D) is leveraging the significant diversity of life sciences, physical sciences and engineering on campus to invent and integrate basic immunologic advances and new diagnostics, probe basic biological and inflammatory processes, and develop and commercialize novel intervention methods to control an array of chronic inflammatory conditions, cancer and infectious diseases.

Purdue has deep expertise in molecular detection technologies, primarily through engineering, analytical chemistry, and physics, along with pockets of international recognition in such areas as biomedical engineering and structural virology. Basic research in inflammation, immunology and infectious disease, chiefly at the single investigator level, is dispersed across multiple colleges and departments. Purdue also has a world-class agricultural program with a focus on feeding the world. Additionally, a growing community of chemical biologists, medicinal chemists and life scientists are focused on translating cell and animal/plant-based discovery into therapeutics and vaccines.

Through PI4D, these communities of researchers are now linked together with shared goals and shared resources. Our research agenda coordinates these diverse but complementary disciplines to focus on detecting, diagnosing, investigating and treating disease in both plants and animals with a driven desire to commercialize these discoveries and inventions. PI4D's coordinated research portfolio provides a platform for the development of graduate training programs that intersect disciplines and focus on discovery with delivery.